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Dear colleagues,


With pleasure we invite you to participate at the 7th International scientific Symposium ''Food to Health’’, which take place in Tuzla, 16 th October 2014.   The symposium is already six years organized:

  • Pharmacy and Technology Faculty of Tuzla University,
  • HiST University of Trondheim, Norway and
  • Faculty of Food Technology from University „Josip Juraj Strossmayer” from Osijek, Croatia.

Topics of Symposium will be divided into four sections:

  • food ingredients and health,
  • food  supplements and functional food,
  • hypersensitivity to food ingredients and
  • nutrition and contemporary systemic disease prevention.  


Papers should be submitted in a form of abstracts or full articles. There are possibility of publishing abstract and full papers in the 4th book of abstracts and papers under title "Food to Health“, or in the journal under title "Food in Health and Disease".

The journal ''Food in Health and Disease'' referred in CAB Abstract, scientific journals database, and published in the HRCAK, main portal of Croatian scientific journals ( see ). The journal and book of proceedings are available on the website

All abstracts and papers will be reviewed. Papers can be presented orally in the form of posters. The additional information can be found on the website:


Submission of papers


If you wish to participate on 7th International scientific Symposium ''Food to Health'', with your abstracts or full papers, please send it in Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian language, with English translation, no later than 01.08.2014. and full text no later than 01.09.2014. Abstracts and full papers should be written according to the instructions on the website

Abstracts and papers should be submitted by e-mail to the secretariat of Symposium.


Secretariat and Contact:


  1. Technology Faculty of Tuzla University ; Tuzla (TF): Cvrk / +387 61 412 100 /

  1. Faculty of Food Technology of University „Josip Juraj Strossmayer “ from Osijek, Croatia:

Ivana Pavleković / +385 31 224 383 /


We look forward to cooperation


In the name of Scientific and

Organizing Committee

Prof dr Midhat Jasic



This year the  symposium  WITH FOOD TO HEALTH will be held on the sixteenth of October (16.10), on the occasion of World Food Day. The symposium organizers are the Faculty Technology and Pharmaceutical Faculty  of Tuzla University, University of HiST Trontheima (Norway) and Faculty of Food Technology of University JJ  Strossmayer from Osijek (Croatia) and other institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Your papers and apstracts you can send  to  e mail: or

The work will be to published in  the  fourth BOOK OF APSTRACTS AND FULL PAPERS  or in the the FOOD IN HEALTH AND DISEASE, Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics depending of  your specifications.

We expect your cooperation .
Organizing Committee


Dear Author,
First of all thank you for your cooperation. Your summary is posted on the website and become transparent. Before editing the Books of abstracts and papers  so please once again look at your papers and apstract, if you want of repair or supplement .

The authors who have not submitted a summary to be promptly submitted.

Please,  first authors (and can, and others) to submit their short biographies and pictures that can be posted on a web portal Your name, picture and short biography will be posted with the titles of your work. Please also submit your power point presentation no later than 15.06. (Or posters) that will also set up the web portal.

Short biography. Short biography includes your name, affiliation, title, brief description of previous professional and scientific work, where have you been doing  untill now and where you work, professional or scientific field, what you do, and so on. A short biography should contain up to 300 words. Pictures from the short biography please submit as soon as possible. We aim to build a social network of professionals dealing with food and nutrition.

Writing papers. On the web site ( have guidelines on writing entire papers. All abstracts will be published in the  Book of apstract  and full papers. Also, full paper can be published in the Journal . Please when you submit papers to declare whether you want your work published in the Book of apstract  and full papers or the Journal of  "Food
in health and disease".

The Book of apstract  will be available in hard copy at the Seminar, a Journal will be published later. Preliminary Programme of the Seminar will be posted on the web about 20 05. 2011th and 20th konačin 06. 2011. Please make a show of how the presentation mode (oral and poster). Oral presentations to 10 minutes total, and instructions for creating posters will be posted later this month.


Prof dr Midhat Jašić



Posted on 31 May 2011 by Midhat Jasic


The first call

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you for  the traditional fifth international scientific symposium tittled „WITH FOOD TO HEALTH“, due to held in Tuzla on Sptember 21st and 22nd 2012. For fifth years in a row the symposium has  been organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Technology University of Tuzla, Tuzla Cantonal Pharmaceutical Association and HIST University Trontheim and Food Technology, University J. J. Strossmayer Osijek.

If you wish to participate with your work at this event, please send us your abstracts in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, with English translation, by the deadline of 20.07.2011., and complete papers by 01.09.2012. The simposium will take two days from 10:00 am to 15:00. The papers will be presented verbally and in form of  posters. The papers are reported as abstracts with the possibility of publishing whole papers in the third Book of abstracts and papers  tittled "With Food to Health" registered as a joint publication of:

• HIST-Tronthaimu University,
• Food Technology, University J. J. Strossmayer Osijek.
• Faculty of Technology, University in Stip 
• Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad,

Which, again,  is cataloged in the National and University Library in Sarajevo.

The presentation of your scientific and professional work will be an important contribution to the successful maintenance of the traditional multi-disciplinary scientific publication. The papers and abstracts will be reviewed, which will allow their applications planned this year to a bibliographic database that will follow the publication. The scientific, technical and review papers are acceptable. Additionally, the structured abstracts of papers will be published. Instructions for writing abstracts can be downloaded on the website of .

After receiving them, the abstracts will be posted on the website Upon requests, authors can publish their papers in the journal of "Food in Health and Disease", which is a unique national Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics.

More information is available on the website

As of completion of the conference, work collections  are published on the online version of the website. Registration fee is 50 EUR, and registration fees includ Collected Papers and materials for the symposium.

Abstracts and papers submitted by mail to: or

Looking forward to cooperation!

Prof. Dr. Zlata Mujagić

Prof. Dr. Midhat Jašić Zahida Binakaj

Dear visitors,

the purpose of this web site is contribution to the promotion of healthy eating and healthy living. Healthy diet explained on the basis of good knowledge of food ingredients and the impact of these ingredients on health.

In addition  the role of the site ist o affirmative texts and illustrations  for on-line publication ofscientific and professional  papers from conferences that are held each year in the farme of Tuzla SUMMER UNIVERSITY, under the title WITH FOOD  TO HEALTH.

Theme conferences each year,  partly is different. So for example, the 2008th were two-day event, the first day the topis were Food and health, and the other day, the Food analysis. Next, 2009. the topic was Food in health in disease , and next i2010. the topic was Supplements in health and disease.
Topic 2011th year is Dietetic  products in health and disease.

In defining the program  we take care to cover all important topics related to this issue, so the speakers at the seminars are on the same criteria (recognized experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad).

This year the keynote lecture will be held Prof. al. Murkovic Michael from the University of Graz, and Prof. dr. Ibrahim Elmadfa from the University of Vienna, Prof.dr.Lisabet Mehli and Prof Dr Anita Jakobsen, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Norway. 

Access to the seminar is open to all interested parties and experts in the field are invited to submit their papers and present the results at the meeting.


Prof. Dr. Midhat Jašić

Posted on 18 May 2011 by Midhat Jasic
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